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Part II - Center

This shows the progress on the windscreen frame, which was pretty bad.

windscreen frame 1open it...  windscreen frame 2...replace the inner layer...windscreen frame 3...close it.

    After sandblasting, the dash goes back in.

 Now the lower part of the windscreen frame completes this section.

the floor

The floor had only slight rust. Sandblasting and priming was enough. A real easy fix.

The A-post:

A-post org. 1  A-post org. 2  A-post org. 3

Three steps to get into that mess.

A-post new 1A-post new 2A-post new 3

Some more to get it straight.

The driver side door was so bad that I had to take it apart. Both parts got sandblasted, welded and assembled again.

The passenger door was better. I had to replace only one corner - inner and outer side. A couriousity: sombody had cut out most of the panel on the inner side, and welded it in again. There is no other trace of work visible. I have no idea why this was done.

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