AladinPPC is a program to load, display and edit dives. It is written for the Aladin series of divecomputers made by Uwatec. It runs on PocketPC devices, like the HP Jornada and other WinCE machines.

With AladinPPC you have all your dive data available during dive trips. You can store and handle multiple logbooks. The fileformat is compatible to the format of the PC software from Uwatec (for both DOS and Windows).

NEW: since V2.022 now very large logfiles (up to 65000 dives ) supported and reads files much faster.

Description of AladinPPC

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On a PPC:
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On a HPCPro:

I tried to make it compatible to many types of Aladin computers, but I have only access to a few (namely Aladin Pro and Aladin Pro Nitrox). So I can't test all of them. Here I need volunteers to give feedback. I also have just a HP Jornada 548, results from other WinCE devices are welcome. Positive results are from HPCPro and HP720.

Dive data from the following Aladin types have been used: Sport, Pro, Air, AirX, AirX O2, AirX Nitrox

I heard that Uwatec produces also computers for other brands, which should then work as well: Spiro Monitor 2plus, Spiro Monitor 3Air, Citizen Hyper Aqualand, Citizen ProMaster, Mares Genius, Mares Guardian. However I have no experience with those devices and also don't know anything about their interfaces. Again, feedback is welcome.

Interface Aladin - PocketPC:

I made the interface myself based on the schematics from Matthias Aust (check here). But the original cable from Uwatec should work as well.

The serial cable of a PocketPC is intended to connect to a PC, which means that we need a different connection than for a Aladin - PC connection. See a description here.

Free Download

New versions supports logfiles up to 65000 dives and also reads much faster

(Make sure you see the latest version of this page, in order to get the latest version of the program. Reload if in doubt)

The latest common version is V 2.026 (load: AladinPPC). After the download, unzip it and copy the files to the location on your PocketPC where you like it to be (possibly into a separate folder). The files "", "" , "load.wav" and "silent.wav" are the minimum that are required(*). Please read "eula.txt" to see the license agreement.

A special version is available for the HP720 (load :AladinPPC_CE) made available with the support of Jens-Uwe Franz. Please use the runtime supplied here, not the latest from Orbworks (contains bugs). In additions to files named for the standard version, the zip file also contains "HPC2000_ARM.CAB" which is needed for the HP720. Copy "HPC2000_ARM.CAB" to the HP720 and execute it there. Then copy all the other files to your preferred folder.

Run the setup program "" first to adjust the settings. Especially if you upgrade from a previous version of AladinPPC, only the asetup version that is included in the zip should be used and run first.

It is recommendable to create a shortcut to for convenience. In the directory "launcher" you will find launcher files for ARM, MIPS and SH3. If you copy the file, matching to your CPU, into the same directory as "" and "" you can create shortcuts to the launcher files. This gives you dedicated icons for the desktop.

In the zip file you will find a demo log file just to try the view and edit functions. This may be useful for those who do not own an Aladin or don't yet have the interface handy.

This program is freeware and  there is no guaranty that it may be of any use for any particular purpose or that it will not harm your equipment. However if you find it useful, I will be happy to hear about. If you really like it please send some nice pictures from your favorite dive spot.

(*) AladinPPC is based on PocketC from Orbworks. You need their free PocketC runtime SW as well. You can load a free copy from here.

Happy diving

For comments, feedback, etc. please email to:

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